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Modern Interior Design

Interior & Branding 

Materia is a new and innovative company revolutionizing the Interior & Brand design industry; able to provide alternatives to create, design, remodel, decorate, and revitalize any space in a unique way according to the client's style.

Our Design Process

Materia is a design studio based in San Francisco and is pleased to announce its official launch in February 2023. Founded by a team of experts, Materia was created to bring clients’ dreams and visions alive.

Materia specializes in commercial and residential interior design, assisting clients from initial planning to final execution. Offering primary design services such as window graphics design, wall graphics designoffice branding design, and interior branding, events and vehicle wrap, customized wallpaper and consulting services. Materia offers a series of services to help clients in every stage of their project. 

The materia team working on a new interior design project
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