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Cafe de Olla

Project type

Logo / Branding




San Francisco

Experience the soulful flavors of Oaxaca at Cafe de Olla, where authenticity meets artistry. Our logo, a tribute to the heart of Oaxacan culture, features the iconic coffee pot, symbolizing the rich tradition of Cafe de Olla, and the stir stick, a nod to the meticulous preparation of each dish.

Immerse yourself in the warm, earthy tones of the clay pot, carefully translated into the vibrant hues of our brand. Each color tells a story, mirroring the authenticity and depth found in every dish we serve.

At Cafe de Olla, we invite you to savor not just the flavors but the essence of Oaxacan culinary heritage, encapsulated in a logo that speaks of tradition, passion, and the vibrant spirit of San Francisco.

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